RM Williams Explore statement for the season
RM Williams Explore  statement for the season


The burnished look is a brand new finish from R.M.Williams, inspired by the rich opaque finishings of our mining industry. Burnishing is a craftsman finish, where the dye is hand-painted onto each leather shoe and heated to set. Some areas of the leather receive more heat than others, which brings out a darker tone, with the overall effect being one of wonderful depth and dimension. Choose from specially selected boots, lace-ups and loafers with the burnished touch.

Statement for the Season

  • AU$149.00
    Buy 2 or more polos and receive 30% Off
  • Cone Denim
  • AU$695.00
  • AU$695.00
  • AU$99.00
  • AU$139.00
  • RM Williams Shoes Kintore Brogue NEW
    1 more colour
  • AU$17.00
  • RM Williams Footwear Accessories Stockman's Boot Polish
    4 more colours
  • RM Williams Boots Stockman's Buckle Boot NEW
    1 more colour