This feature is not only a mark of our enduring, handheld craftsmanship; it offers functional longevity and endurance. This singular piece of leather is one of the many reasons we can proudly say that our boots are crafted for life.

Crafted meticulously

The process of crafting a pair of R.M.Williams boots begins, as it always has done, in our Adelaide workshop. Only the finest quality leathers are up to the task, and from these, a single piece of leather is cut in our unique upper shape. The boot then passes through many highly skilled hands as it is brought to life. Elastic panels and signature tugs are added, along with a single seam at the back. Each artisanal process and finishing touch is completed by hand, honouring the handheld craftsmanship that RM built his dream upon.

Finished boots are individually checked to ensure our signature standard of quality is upheld, before stepping out of the workshop and into the world.

Worn adventurously

Once our boots land in your hands, the possibilities are endless. They’re crafted for life’s great journeys, big or small. In fact, there are very few places in the world where our boots haven’t made an appearance; from woolsheds to world summits, red dirt to red carpets – they’ve seen it all.

Thankfully, our boots are crafted to accompany you through life’s highs and lows with unwavering endurance. Where other boots may (literally) fall apart at the seams, our boots are built on a single piece of durable, quality leather – one that’s ready to take a few knocks, wear a few scuffs and become enriched with the hallmarks of a life well lived.

Repaired consciously

Even with a regular care routine, there may come a time where a boot needs a little more attention. This is where our Repair program steps in.

We offer a range of services to tackle just about any issue your boots can face, from a simple tug replacement right the way up to a complete re-last and re-sole. Providing that single piece of leather is still in relatively good condition, we can work our magic and restore your boots to their former glory, ready to return to you and take on whatever adventure comes next. Wherever you’re headed, there they’ll be.

By your side, loyally.