Repair your boots

Boot repair services

RM believe there was only one thing more comfortable than a new R.M.Williams boot, and that’s an old one. One that has become a trusted friend, that has shaped itself exactly to the eccentricities of your foot. Such a boot is to be treasured, to be maintained and preserved for years of faithful, comfortable wear. This very notion is the foundation of our repairs service.

Whenever your boots are in need of a tune-up, simply bring them back to us to be meticulously repaired and restored by the hands who crafted them. Below, you’ll find a guide to our repair services.

Replace heel or sole parts

If your sole or heel has worn down with regular wear, we can replace them and ready your boots for new adventures. We can replace individual components, or fully re-sole your boots in the instances of more extreme wear.

Replace elastics

If you experience damage to your elastics, or if they start to wear out, it may affect the comfort o your boots. We can replace individual elastics, or replace the full set to restore your boots to full glory.

Replace tugs

Our boot tugs should remain in your boots for the life of your boots however they can be replaced if they become worn or damaged. They can be replaced individually or all four at the same time.

More extensive repairs

If you suspect you’re in need of the below services, we’ll need you to bring your boots into your nearest R.M.Williams store or to a licensed repairer for an assessment.


This service covers the complete re-manufacture of the boot – only the upper leather, lining, tugs and elastics will remain. All other components will be replaced and the boot will be reconstructed. This service may be required for a number of reasons, a common one being the poor condition of the innersoles due to moisture, heat or more rugged wear.

In order to perform a relast, the boot linings need to be in a reasonable condition. If they’re worn or damaged, the boots will need a full relast and back lining repair service.

Relast and back lining

This comprehensive service sees the boots re-manufactured and the back linings replaced – only the upper leather, tugs, elastics and front linings will remain.

Altering the boot size or fitting

In order to change the size or fit of boots, a complete relast is required. The following alterations can be made.

• Size increase – a maximum of one half size only

• Size decrease – a maximum of one full size only

• Width increase – a maximum of one width only

• Width decrease – a maximum of 2 widths only

Important notes:

• A width increase is only possible when the toe shape does not change.

• A combined size and width increase in conjunction is not possible.

Changing sole types

The following changes can be made to the sole of the boot during a re-sole and heel or a relast:

• A plain leather welt can be changed to plain rubber welt (and vice versa) 

• A comfort leather welt can be changed to comfort rubber welt (and vice versa).


• Dynamic Flex and Screwed soles cannot be changed to alternate sole types. 

• Plain leather innersoles cannot be replaced with comfort innersoles (and vice versa).

Changing heel types

The following changes can be made to the heel of the boot during a re-sole and heel or a relast:

• A block heel can be changed to a cuban heel (and vice versa) 

• A flat heel can be changed to a ladies tapered flat heel (and vice versa).

Note: High heels cannot be changed to flat heels (and vice versa).