Crafted for life

The very first R.M.Williams boot was crafted with a specific purpose in mind: to outlast all others. Thanks to the ingenuity of our founder and his one-piece-of-leather design, the boot did just that.

The legend of the R.M.Williams elastic-sided boot soon spread far and wide, with stockmen and drovers across Australia entrusting us to keep them safe and supported, no matter how arduous their journeys. It's a responsibility that we take just as seriously now as we did back then.

This purpose informs our unique perception of value; one that has guided us for the better part of a century. Whilst a shiny new boot is something to behold, there are also many good reasons to celebrate one that’s well-loved, well-worn, perhaps a little rough around the edges, but still going strong.

No boot has so well embodied this spirit of staying power as our iconic Craftsman. Since it stepped out of the workshop in 1966, it’s walked an unprecedented path between the red dirt of the outback and the cobbled streets of major cities, prized by stockmen and suits alike. The Craftsman is a boot that transcends generations, dress codes and trends, somehow managing to stay in style for almost 60 years and counting, without straying far from its original shape. It’s a boot for work; it’s a boot for play. Were it not for your sleeping hours, we’d say it’s a boot you can live in 24 hours a day. 

Crafted for life

Because we don’t make boots to sit on a shelf – we make them to be lived in. To accompany you on your life’s journeys. To be scuffed, scratched and enriched with the hallmarks of adventure. To tell stories. And at the end of the day, to be polished up, ready for the next one.

This is our simple promise, of quality, loyalty and endurance. A commitment that your RMs will be there through the good times and the not so good.

Our boots aren’t just crafted for a day, nor for a season. They’re crafted for life.