step back in time and see R.M.Williams denim evolve

Australia’s denim jeans pioneer

Denim is ingrained in the story of R.M.Williams, with our first pair of Australian made jeans dating back almost as far as our iconic leather boots. Since our legendary (and extremely intuitive) founder introduced it to the Australian market in the form of rugged riding jeans, it’s come to form the foundation of the R.M.Williams look.

Join us as we look back through the ages at the enduring impact of this humble cotton fabric.  


The next big thing

A young Reginald Murray ‘RM’ Williams had only recently established his burgeoning footwear and apparel business when word of American blue denim reached Australian shores. Ever one to stay ahead of the curve, he invested in this hardy fabric and introduced denim jeans to the Australian market in 1940, prioritising a fit suitable for long days in the saddle. The construction was hardy to match, double-sewn and copper-riveted to hold up against the rugged reality of working and living in rural Australia.


A promise of quality

As denim jeans rose in popularity and mass-production began to creep into the market, RM stayed true to his founding promise of crafting products to last. Unrelenting quality remained a central value in the R.M.Williams denim collection, our jeans regarded as a worthy investment for men and women of every background and line of work.








The Australian tuxedo

Jeans were now regarded as a tried-and-true staple in any wardrobe, though their fit and finish were ever evolving. The R.M.Williams collection grew to include new slim silhouettes, tailored shapes and dyed tones set to wash down to ‘that attractive faded effect’. The rising popularity of the denim jacket paved the way for a unique Australian take on the double denim look known overseas as the Canadian Tuxedo.

riders and jeans
riders and jeans
slim fits
1963 R.M.Williams cover
back view jeans
rodeo illustration
slim fits
jeans and jackets
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fading denim slimfits
station wear for women
fading denim for women


From country to coast

Jeans were a unifying style code between Australia’s rural communities and city dwellers along the coast. Promising an earnest combination of hardy durability and versatile dressing appeal, jeans had become a foundational force in everyone’s wardrobe.

mens moleskins


Befitting the times

The shapes and silhouettes on offer grew in volume to reflect a growing demand for jeans, not just as humble workwear or casual pants, but as versatile trousers with smarter dressing potential. Able to pair effortlessly with our refined dress boots and a classic cotton shirt, these tailored silhouettes were redefining the way Australians dressed up for special occasions.

Mens jeans
R.M.Williams womens Denim skirts
mens jeans


The genuine article

R.M.Williams’ enduring commitment to denim was solidified with the continued success of our Australian-made jean offering. We entered the new millennium making jeans the way we always had - with a focus on enduring quality.


We made them first; we made them last

Today, our denim range represents the same hardy spirit as the very first pairs of R.M.Williams jeans, crafted well and crafted for life. We’re proud to maintain our Australian-made ethos with a growing number of denim styles made at our legendary Adelaide workshop, using artisanal skills passed down through generations. From jeans and jackets to lightweight denim shirts and feminine dresses, this humble workwear fabric continues to set the standard for functional, foundational dressing.