There has long been an opening for an addition to the R.M.Williams lace-up boot assortment - something to walk the fine line between the formal city style of the Randwick and the hardwearing toughness of the Rigger Commando. The Risden’s unique appeal is its ability to stand strong in this range and find its own fashionable footing in the form of laidback streetwear.

“We felt there was space in our boot line-up to introduce a style that really complemented a lot of our hardy, premium outerwear,” David Cook, Head of Footwear Development explains.

“The Risden brings that rugged elegance and can match the durability of those pieces in the context of a casual street boot.”

Able to pair back with denim or bring an effortless wearability to more tailored styles, the Risden Boot has the potential to become a daily staple for both loyalists and new collectors. Though modern and crafted for the more sartorially-minded, it stays true to the R.M.Williams values of quality, durability and effortless style.

Its laidback stance is also evident in the use of pebbled leather, a particular hide with a slightly worn, vintage look. Popular throughout Europe and on our own city streets, this lived-in feel gives an easy-going slant to a boot with somewhat regimented roots.

“Structurally, it has a lot of the functional features of a classic military boot; a wide toe last, a taller profile and that tough, lace-up fastening. Where it differentiates from boots of the past is in the fabrication,”

David muses, adding “the two variations have very distinct personalities.”

According to David, the twill Risden offers an urban appeal, ideal for layered cool weather dressing and city style, whereas the all-leather edition has a more simplified, understated look. Though the two boots are brothers, in a sense, they have their own unique attitudes and can walk two very different sartorial paths.

Which route will you take?