Signature home fragrance: Scent 01 

Bring R.M.Williams into your space with our signature home fragrance, inspired by Australia’s diverse landscape. Scent 01 balances fresh notes of lemon leaf and mimosa with earthy aromas of smoke and aged wood in a grounded yet uplifting scent.

Mindfully crafted in homage to the rich stories at the heart of R.M.Williams, the fragrance is as evocative of wild adventures in Australia’s heartland as it is of the poignant moment when you open your very first pair of R.M.Williams boots. Set out on a journey and experience the wonder of our homeland without leaving your living room.

Scent 01 is available in a range of products, all thoughtfully crafted in Australia and presented in Chestnut coloured glassware, an homage to our leather boots. The Interior Fragrance is a refreshing addition to any space, whilst the candle’s warm glow and earthy undertone will create a restful, evening atmosphere.