R.M.Williams joins the great aussie coin hunt

This year, R.M.Williams is proudly featured in a new line-up of limited edition dollar coins, as part of the Great Aussie Coin Hunt. The collection serves as a showcase of Australian icons, taking collectors through an A to Z of cultural emblems and much-loved cornerstones of Aussie life. 


Representing the letter R, the R.M.Williams coin pays tribute to our rich history as bush outfitters and the iconic elastic-sided boots that Reginald Murray ‘RM’ Williams first crafted some 90 years ago. The design features a silhouette of RM atop his horse, amongst the wild terrain of the Australian bush from which his dream was born. In the foreground, a pair of our signature Craftsman Boots; a pillar of Australian style and an enduring symbol for handheld craft.

The coin stands in great company, alongside tributes to beloved locations, pastimes and native animals that make our island home so unique. To start your collection, visit your local AusPost Shop or browse the full range on the AusPost website.