Signature Craftsman boot
Key features:

Key Features

Signature Craftsman boot

Handcrafted in Australia

Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople at our iconic Adelaide workshop, this boot was made using one piece of leather with over 80 time-honoured techniques and processes.

Goodyear welt

The Goodyear welt has been used by bootmakers since 1862 due to its enduring strength and ability to be re-soled, allowing you to enjoy your boots for years to come.

Leather sole

Timeless and distinctive, leather soles have been used on our boots since our founding in 1932, offering a classic choice for everyday wear and more formal occasions.

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"The Signature Craftsman is the pinnacle of the traditional shoemaking skills at the heart of R.M.Williams. It unites the finest leathers, meticulous craftsmanship and bespoke, personal touches in one iconic boot. Once you slip your foot into this boot, nothing else will ever compare." 

Rachel Allen, Chief Design & Product Officer

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