a look through the R.M.Williams archives


We have walked more than a few miles together and stood the test of time since 1932.

More than a few people have reached out asking us to share stories and conversations from our past and present – stories from the Boot Room so to say. We want to take this opportunity to look back at the paths we have journeyed and celebrate our rich history. We will over the next few months look back into our archives and revisit our catalogues and stories from the past.


Step back in time with us.

R.M.Williams Step back in time

The 'Step Back In Time' graphic first made an appearance in a 1950 catalogue.

Journey through the catalogues subject by subject

Step back in time and discover R.M.Williams denim

Denim through the archives

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Lace up boots from the archives

Lace-ups through the archives

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Shirts from the archives

Shirts through the archives

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Step back in time journey through the archives of R.M.Williams

From the archives

R.M.Williams catalogue covers from the archives

Covers through the archives

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Craftsman from the archives

Craftsman through the archives

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