Our men’s boot offering has long been characterised by diversity: different shapes, finishes and sensibilities to suit all end uses. Since its launch in the 2010s, our dedicated women’s range is catching up – and quickly. The latest style to step confidently into this line-up is the Moriarty, a functional, flat-heeled answer to everyday dressing, inspired by the iconic success of our Comfort Craftsman Boot and the distinctive, elegant shape of its sibling, the Macquarie.

Amy Barnes, Head of Footwear and Accessories Design for R.M.Williams notes,

“This is a really exciting time for womenswear at R.M.Williams, across all categories.”

“We’re investing in what the foundational wardrobe looks like for women, and that starts, as always, from the boot up.”

Wearers of the Lady Yearling Boot will find the Moriarty a natural sidestep, with its familiar soft almond toe shape and close-fitting profile, a mirror to the highly popular and unisex Macquarie Boot. The comfort insole and flat rubber heel, however, give this boot a distinctly functional and effortless appeal.

“We’re focusing on the wants and needs of our female customer, and luckily that doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. We’re increasingly finding that the R.M.Williams woman simply wants a boot that’s rugged and practical enough to match our signature men’s offering – this is where the Moriarty steps in,” comments Amy.

Despite its closeness to the archival Macquarie shape, the Moriarty’s outlook is staunchly modern, adventurous and laced with the hallmarks of artisanal craft. Its upper is cut from premium pull up leather, a hide that will naturally patina and develop character with each wear.

“I like to think that pull up leather really adopts the personality of its wearer; each mark holds memories and the subtle changes in colour all speak to the adventures the boots have been on,” Amy adds.

This notion is one of the many characteristics that make the Moriarty so unique to R.M.Williams, with the crowning glory of that list being its premium Australian craftsmanship.

“As with all of elastic-sided boots, the Moriarty is crafted by our skilled artisans in Adelaide. It’s hard to imagine that we’re still finding ways to develop and responsibly evolve RM’s original boot design over nine decades later, but we are,” says Amy. “The Moriarty is paving the way for even more excitement and investment in our ever-growing women’s collection.”