The R.M.Williams boot jack

We’d usually recommend removing your R.M.Williams boots by hand, but for those with limited mobility, this isn’t always an option. Enter the boot jack, a handy tool to make slipping out of your boots at the end of long day just that little bit easier.

Our boot jacks have been meticulously handmade by a team of craftsmen at a Men’s Shed in South Australia, using Tasmanian Oak. We’re proud to partner with an organisation that has such a positive impact on communities around the country.

booty jack
boot jack

How to use the boot jack – as easy as one, two, three

1. To use the boot jack, place it on the floor with the felt cupped section facing away from your body.

2. From a standing or seated position, place the ball of one foot on the lower part of the boot jack (the section closest to you), then gently insert the heel of your other boot into the front, cupped section.

3. Using gentle pressure, pull the front foot upwards. The heel of your boot should catch in the felt section and slide off your boot with ease, without damaging the heel cup.

A collaboration with the men’s shed

The R.M.Williams boot jack has been crafted in collaboration with The Men’s Shed, an important organisation that combats male loneliness and the health implications of solitude by bringing men together in a safe environment. At over 1000 shed locations around Australia, participants and members can gather and experience a sense of mateship through hands-on projects and activities. The Men’s Shed network currently supports over 150,000 individuals.

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