R.M.Williams Craftsman chisel toe R.M.Williams Craftsman chisel toe


The perfect-fitting boot is always our priority. That's why we create different shapes to cater for everyone. Start by selecting your perfect toe shape.

R.M.Williams toe styles R.M.Williams toe styles


The chisel toe is most commonly seen on the R.M.Williams iconic Craftsman boot. It is a distinctive shape with flat angled sides that taper towards the toe resembling a chisel. In combination with the protective toe puff this is an elegant profile that can go from work to play.

Styles with a chisel toe: Craftsman, Stockman, Chinchilla, Sydney, Kimberley, Kardinya, Tambo (extra wide fit)



The narrow medium round toe is a more elongated version of a round toe. This toe shape is more flattering and elegant than the simple round toe providing a subtle foot elongation that pairs with any heel type.

Styles with a narrow round toe: Yearling, Macquarie



The round toe is the most basic of toe shapes but is quite spacious and therefore very comfortable, especially if you have broad or wide feet. The simplicity of the shape lends itself to more structured and rugged boot styles.

Styles with a round toe: Gardener, Rickaby, Kingscote, Turnout



The square rodeo toe shape has been around since 1932 and has been adapted from a classic American western toe shape. Although designed for horse riding it is now worn as a fashion boot too.

Styles with a square toe: Santa Fe