R.M.Williams Craftsman leather sole R.M.Williams Craftsman leather sole


A great boot is only as great as its sole. R.M.Williams' traditional construction methods will ensure that your boots stand the test of time.

R.M.Williams sole types R.M.Williams sole types


The leather sole is R.M.Williams traditional classic sole. Handcrafted and stitched by skilled craftsmen since 1932. Leather soles are elegant and comfortable, taking you from the bush to the boardroom.


Goodyear Welt

A Good year welt is a strip of leather that is sewn around the bottom edge of the shoe and is a time honoured method that ensures your footwear is durable, comfortable and easily repairable.


Screwed Sole

A classic dress or traditional riding boot sole with a more refined profile than welt sewn soles. R.M.Williams is one of few bookmakers worldwide to continue the tradition of using brass screws in sole construction.



Our sewn welt rubber soles are comfortable for everyday wear. Longer wearing than traditional leather soles, they are more suitable for wet weather climates.


Comfort rubber sole and comfort insole

Comfort technology incorporates a rubber sole with a superior padded insole that provides increased cushioning and flexibility with the same stylish look.



After rigorous research and testing, R.M.Williams created and developed Dynamic Flex Comfort Technology which is available in the popular Craftsman style. The Dynamic Flex Craftsman boot features a combination leather and rubber sole for added flexibility and softness underfoot.

Dynamic Flex is ideal for frequent travellers due to the fibreglass ‘airport friendly’ shank that is used to reinforce the shape of the boot.

The lightweight rubber footbed insert is removable to allow orthotics to be inserted.



Treaded rubber soles are ideal for casual and work wear in just about any climate or terrain. Made from hard-wearing rubber.



The Itshide brand has been around for 150 years and has a strong reputation for producing quality robust soles. The Commando Itshide is a classic design that wears well and has a high non-slip capacity. The rubber centre star medallions provide both cushioning and traction. The paired outer lugs provide stability and the off-set toe and heel pads provide shock absorption for extended wear.



Vibram® soles have a reputation for quality, durability, comfort and traction. Combine this sole technology with a 3/4 storm welt and you have a durable and easily repairable hardy boot that is water resistant.



We looked back to our archives to develop a new take on ‘sand shoes’ using classic shapes from the past and modernising them for the modern adventurer of today. The sleek rubber sole adds versatility and a casual look to any wardrobe.

Styles with rubber soles: Surry sneaker, Fitzroy sneaker, Barton boot