The R.M.Williams boot tree

RM always believed there’s only one thing more comfortable than a new R.M.Williams boot, and that’s an old R.M.Williams boot - one that’s shaped itself exactly to the eccentricities of your foot, becoming a trusted companion on life’s journeys. Such a boot is worth looking after.

The R.M.Williams Red Cedar Boot Trees make this process a little easier by protecting the leather, fabric, stitching and soles of your boots from harmful moisture damage, prolonging their lifespan. Cedar’s unique wicking properties quickly absorb moisture, acid and salts, thereby reducing the risk of cracking and deterioration. The Boot Trees also smooth out creases and wrinkles that prematurely age leather and can alter the appearance of your boots.

To use the Boot Trees, place them inside your R.M.Williams boots for safe storage, or to maintain their shape when cleaning and polishing. If your boots get wet, insert the Boot Trees and leave them to dry at room temperature.

When properly cared for with our Boot Trees and range of leather care products, your boots will retain their appearance, remain comfortable and serve you well for years to come.

A complimentary set of R.M.Williams Red Cedar Boot Trees is fitted in each pair of Signature Craftsman boots.

Find your size

While our boot trees are unisex and spring loaded to offer a tight fit across multiple sizes, it’s important to find the correct size for your boots. Please refer to our size guides below for both men’s and women’s boots.