Made in Australia

Handcrafted in Australia since 1932

The Australian outback: where a hot, dry and dusty day can turn freezing cold by night. It’s a harsh reality that wasn’t lost on RM. He left home at age 13 to travel through the outback, but he wasn’t deterred, his respect for the land only grew. RM’s journeys inspired him to create beautifully crafted products suitable for the harsh conditions of the land he loved. He spent years inventing and reinventing, working a variety of materials with extraordinary attention to detail and refining his skills to develop the boots, accessories and clothing that still bear his name and that are now loved around the world.

In 1932 R.M.Williams opened for business at 5 Percy Street, Prospect, South Australia, and, while times have changed since then, the techniques used to craft our legendary products remain the same to this day.

R.M.Williams’ iconic boots are still handcrafted the same way they always have been; from one piece of leather and with over 80 handheld processes. Our kangaroo leather plaited belts take over a thousand plaits and they’re tough enough to tow a car (if need be). RM also crafted Australia’s first pair of denim jeans more than 75 years ago. Decades later, our hard-wearing and well-fitting jeans are still going strong as well as our moleskin jeans which, legend has it, they are snakebite-proof.

Handcrafted boots

Australian boots – crafted to perfection

Back in 1932, RM Williams’ vision was to create the perfect footwear for hard-working Australians. 85 years of dedicated craftsmanship later, in RM’s beloved Adelaide, we’re still driven by his vision. Explore our range of boots that are made here, by us.

Handcrafted belts

Made from kangaroo hide. The world's toughest leather.

It takes patience and skill to plait an R.M.Williams belt. Every single strand of kangaroo hide is cut, plaited, polished and finished by hand. There are over a thousand plaits in each belt, so no two are ever alike. The belts are dressy, yet tough enough to tow a car. Made in Australia.

The moleskin jean

The moleskin jean. Handcrafted for Australian conditions.

Our thick, soft legendary moleskin is the ideal trans-seasonal fabric, whether you’re in the Australian outback or the streets of Soho. Moleskin jeans have been a mainstay of the R.M.Williams range since the beginning. And they’re still handcrafted in our Australian workshop, the way they’ve always been.

Made in Australia denim jeans

Australia's denim jeans pioneer reaming true to our heritage and brand DNA.

When Reginald Murray (RM) Williams released his iconic boots, his loyal customers wanted practical, hard-wearing pants to match. He delivered, making Australia’s first pair of denim jeans more than 75 years ago. RM looked to the style of jeans worn by ranchers and cowboys of the American west for inspiration and crafted jeans with a distinctly Australian feel. Decades later, our jeans inspired by the brands rich heritage are still going strong. Designed for comfort and durability.

Handcrafted small leather goods

Carrying on our leather heritage since 1932

The R.M.Williams journey began with handcrafted leather goods by founder Reginald Murray Williams. Carrying on this legacy, we’ve brought to life a range of small leather goods, taking inspiration from our well-leathered heritage. Handcrafted by our talented craftspeople whose skills have been passed from generation to generation keeping alive RM’s original leather craft.

Shirts made in Australia

Wear the shirt RM wore

At R.M.Williams we believe that shirts should not only look good, but also that every manufacturing detail should be there for a purpose. A sense of Australian lifestyle can be found in the history of R.M.Williams. Today our authentic Grazier shirts are lovingly made in our Adelaide workshop to the same exacting standards they always have been – smart enough to wear out and strong enough to work in.