Yearling boot
Key features:

Key Features

Yearling boot

Handcrafted in Australia

Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople at our iconic Adelaide workshop, this boot was made using one piece of leather with over 80 time-honoured techniques and processes.

Goodyear welt

The Goodyear welt has been used by bootmakers since 1862 due to its enduring strength and ability to be re-soled, allowing you to enjoy your boots for years to come.

Leather sole

Timeless and distinctive, leather soles have been used on our boots since our founding in 1932, offering a classic choice for everyday wear and more formal occasions.

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"The Yearling is one of our archival heroes and has since inspired a range of boots with the same elegant shape. It's a cult favourite with collectors of the brand, partly for its distinctive, confident look and partly as it remains so close to RM's original ridingboot designs."  

Rachel Allen, Chief Design & Product Officer

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