Though we’re best known for our iconic leather boots, there’s a growing number of other footwear staples emerging from the R.M.Williams stable, crafted for different terrains and scenarios. As we enter the summer months, one style in particular is ready to step into the sun – the Hobart.  

This durable leather boat shoe boasts the same leather uppers as our bestselling boots, and can even match their signature standards of artisanal craft with a time-honoured moccasin construction. David Cook, Head of Footwear and Accessories Development, explains:

“The build of a moccasin shoe is a very traditional one, in which the same piece of leather runs under the foot, from one side to the other. It’s then handstitched to the top part of the shoe, known as the apron.” 

The result is a comfortable, supportive shoe that wraps around the foot like a glove, whilst remaining flexible and comfortable for everyday wear. Further stability, grip and support comes from the sturdy rubber sole, stitched through to the insole for increased endurance and strength. The fit can even be loosened or tightened to suit the wearer’s foot shape, thanks to the Hobart’s adjustable leather lacing. “There’s a lot of heritage and craft behind it,” comments Amy Barnes, Head of Footwear & Accessories Design.

“It’s classic and traditional in many ways but the functional design and breathable leather construction give it a truly modern look and feel.”

The leathers in question are hides both seen elsewhere in our footwear line-up: oily pull up leather and full grain nubuck, buffed for a softer feel against the skin. Their distinctive look and rich colouring helps to set the Hobart apart from other boat shoes, notes Amy. “The quality of the leather and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into the Hobart is recognisably ‘R.M.Williams’.

“Even from the first glance. It’s a natural extension of our footwear offering, providing customers with an everyday, casual shoe, conceived in the same handwriting as the boots they know and love.”

Proudly crafted in Northern Portugal by a family owned and run workshop, the Hobart is a product of time-honoured craftsmanship and a steadfast commitment to quality. “We’re incredibly selective about who we partner with, ensuring each and every artisan shares our mission to craft enduring products,” notes David. “In this instance, we were able to leverage on an amazing wealth of expertise and heritage craftsmanship to bring the Hobart to life. It’s made in an area of Portugal synonymous with quality shoemaking.”

This innate durability will serve the Hobart – and its wearer – well when it embarks on a new adventure – a great Australian summer. Whether paired with casual shorts and a T-shirt for an afternoon at the beach, or a pair of chinos and a linen shirt for a laidback festive gathering, it’s the shoe of choice once the sun comes out to play.