Since its introduction in 2015, the R.M.Williams boot range for women has been steadily growing year-on-year, now encompassing an assortment of styles that range from the everyday to the formal. The rising demand for feminine boots that can match the versatile and long-lasting appeal of the men’s boot line-up is being heard loud and clear. In 2023, a new style stepped into the arena, ready to diversify the women’s offering once again: the Lana.

“It was time that the womens range was brought up to speed with our mens offering,” comments David Cook, Head of Footwear Development.

“Our female customers are looking to grow their collections and find boots to suit different aspects of their lives, much as our male customers have been able to.”

Versatile and modern, the Lana can step into any occasion with quiet confidence, thanks to its height-enhancing heel and elegant silhouette. “The Lana Boot bridges the gap between the Maya and Lady Yearling, both in terms of heel height, and formality,” add David.

When it came to constructing the Lana, the footwear team began with a completely blank canvas. They designed a new last - unique to the Lana - and even altered the shape of the brand’s signature elastic side panels, resulting in a look that feels distinctly fresh and exciting.

The boot’s square block heel is complemented by a low, sleek profile and tapered round toe, with a singular branded tug at the back. At first glance, it’s an elevated Chelsea boot, but there’s a bold new attitude in every aspect of the Lana’s shape – one that gives it a style-conscious edge.

“We’ve really focused on the final look of this boot, how it will wear and pair back with our customer’s year-round wardrobe,” David explains.

“We wanted it to look and feel right, whether it was worn with dresses and skirts or trusted denim jeans.”

Such is the consideration put into the Lana’s design, that it has even been wear-tested with a variety of jeans to ensure that it lands on the leg at just the right height, without causing hemlines to bunch.

This razor-sharp focus on wearability is yet another design detail that sets the Lana apart, giving our bold new boot its own sense of place in an expanding assortment of feminine icons. One questions remains: how will you style yours?