When we announced a multi-year partnership with Rugby Australia in September 2022, it marked the start of a unique journey for our design team, culminating in the new R.M.Williams x Wallabies limited edition collection. This special range of products, including scarves, caps, jerseys and boots, is set to serve as the ultimate fan gear when the Wallabies head to France in pursuit of glory later this year. It’s the start of a golden decade for rugby in Australia and a full circle moment in many ways, with the 1990s offering a wealth of nostalgic inspiration.

“It seemed fitting to return to the ‘90s heydays of Australian rugby, a decade in which the Wallabies claimed World Cup victory not just once, but twice.”

“Reimagining those kits, colours and motifs for a new generation of Wallabies players and fans has resulted in a collection that feels timeless, but also transports you back to Twickenham in 1991, watching Bill being raised by Nick”, explains Daniel Aldridge, Special Projects Manager at R.M.Williams.

Combining shades of Australian gold, R.M.Williams Chestnut brown and the soft blue of archival Wallabies uniforms and the iconic Grazier shirt colour RM once wore everyday, the collection is a true union of homegrown excellence. Here, Daniel walks us through the range and shines a light on the design details that make these pieces collector’s items. 

The ultimate rugby jersey 

The collection’s pinnacle is the R.M.Williams x Wallabies Rugby Jersey, based on a familiar and much-loved silhouette in the R.M.Williams offering.

“The rugby jersey is a classic R.M.Williams style that customers seek out every season, so the opportunity to refresh that look with sporting motifs and subtle Wallabies details was a real pleasure,” Daniel explains. “We took every opportunity to bring in elements of both the Wallabies visual identity and archival R.M.Williams design cues, so the final jersey feels like a true representation of the partnership.”

A logo to remember 

Daniel’s trip down memory lane also unearthed a key design element from the R.M.Williams archives, a unique logo synonymous with our ‘90s look.’

“We’ve seen many iterations of the R.M.Williams logo over our 91 year history and each has its own connection to our heritage. This specific design was our primary logo in the 1980s and 90s, again connecting to that golden era of rugby in Australia. Though it may have a very nostalgic feel for long-term fans of the brand, it still holds quite a modern appeal, perfectly suited to the playful nature of this collection.”

Stepping forward for Australia 

It wouldn’t be an R.M.Williams collection without an appearance from our iconic leather boots, emblematic of time-honoured Australian craftsmanship. The bestselling Comfort Craftsman and Lady Yearling styles feature with limited edition tugs, proudly showcasing both R.M.Williams and Wallabies branding in patriotic shades of green and gold.

“Our boots tell such a vivid story of Australian craftsmanship, having been made onshore since our founding in 1932. When partnering with a team as iconic as the Wallabies, it felt important to put them front and centre, with limited edition tugs to pay tribute to our rugby stars in green and gold. The tugs are a small but mighty element of our boots, instantly recognisable and very beloved by fans of the brand.”

The mark of quality 

Across the range, an emphasis on preferred fibres and quality production is foundational. The jerseys, caps and socks are crafted from organic cotton, whilst the scarves and beanies have been knitted from Woolmark-certified extra fine merino wool.

“Our Crafted for life strategy is a commitment to quality and durability in everything that we create – products that can stand the test of time but also accompany our customers for a life well lived.”

“This collection is no different; it promises comfortable, easy-wearing quality, whether you’re cheering on the Wallabies from the sidelines or going for a coffee at your local café.” 

Explore the full collection now and prepare to wear your support for Australia’s greats when the Wallabies compete in France this September.