In 2022, we launched a new long-term strategy, ‘Crafted for life’. This statement is our promise to make products for the long haul - products not only designed to last a long time but crafted to withstand the rigours of a life well lived. If there’s one fabric up to this challenge, it’s waxed cotton.

This durable and highly protective material is often considered the original performance fabric, owing to its natural cotton base and wax coating. The wax acts as a natural barrier against the elements, serving as a biodegradable alternative to many modern alternatives. Ginger Wood, our Senior Menswear Designer adds, “waxed cotton is one of those rare heritage fabrics that outperforms its modern, synthetic counterparts. As we strive to make products with increasingly long lifespans, waxed cotton is a hero material, able to be recoated again and again and kept out of landfill.”

The user benefits of this fabric are manyfold, ranging from weatherproof qualities to a lightweight and low maintenance ease of wear. It’s perfectly suited for life’s great journeys thanks to its water repellent and wind resistant finish and, at the end of a long day on the trail, it can be rolled up and packed down with minimal fuss, ready for the next adventure.

“The beauty of waxed cotton is its ability to walk the line between high performance protection and low effort wear – its appeal is so natural that you can almost forget how hard the jacket is working for you.”

This season, it arrives in the form of a versatile new outerwear range, designed to transition through the changing weather with you. For men, the Draughtsman Overshirt and Tarcutta Parka represent rugged elegance, cut in classic shapes with utilitarian details. The women’s offering is built with a similar focus on functionality, encompassing the Wallaroo Jacket and Chelsea Trench Coat, a modern update on the classic overcoat silhouette.

Though different in shape, each waxed cotton piece has been crafted with the same careful balance of performance and everyday wearability, enabling the wearer to layer them over other wardrobe favourites, roll up the sleeves and make them their own. “As with all of our outerwear styles, the intent is to craft something worth of everyday wear,” Ginger adds.

“These pieces have that all-day, year-round appeal, serving as both the lightweight layers you’ll reach for through the summer months and the protective outer shell you’ll rely on when temperatures drop.”

Discover our new range of waxed cotton styles now.