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More than a few people have reached out asking us to share stories and conversations from our past and present – stories from the Boot Room so to say. We want to take this opportunity to look back at the paths we have journeyed and celebrate our rich history. Here we focus on the evolution of the lace-ups, although they have been a staple of the brand since the 1940s they have barely evolved in style.

Step back in time with us.


Our motto always

‘The very best

The original styles of lace-up were designed for riding and were hand lasted with a sturdy construction. Moving on it was transformed to a work boot style maintaining its sturdy construction but paying more attention to waterproofing making them all rounders with more practical purpose.


You may find cheaper, but you can't buy better boots than R.M.Willliams

Staying true to their roots the lace-ups have barely shifted in shape but new manufacturing techniques have been developed. Now we have boots with rubber soles and a variety of leathers.

Sturdy Yard Boots
The Gardener Yard Boots
Lace up gardener and cossack


Walking boot. Work boot.

Walking/work boot with water-resistant leather uppers and Goodyear welt gristle soles are still the main stay but an elegant dress boot is introduced that has stayed in the range to this day.

2010 onward

Shape up to lace-up

Offering the perfect alternative to classic elastic-sided boots, our lace-up men’s boots are ideally adaptable to your lifestyle. Whether you need tough durability for the outdoors, or a confident style statement for business.

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