R.M.Williams Craftsman flat heel R.M.Williams Craftsman flat heel


Our boots feature heel shapes with a composite rubber grip for shock absorption, in either stacked leather or rubber. They are hand-shaped, sanded, stained and polished.

R.M.Williams heel styles R.M.Williams heel styles


The R.M.Williams iconic Craftsman boot is designed with a flat heel. The leather stacked flat heel is versatile and comfortable. It can be dressed up and worn casually.

Styles with a flat heel: Craftsman, Stockman, Chinchilla



Once designed to keep the foot from slipping forward in a stirrup the block heel is equally at home for walking as horse riding. The height enhancing 4.5cm leather stacked heel is expertly crafted and shaped and adds an overall elegant aesthetic to the boot.

Styles with a block heel: Yearling



The R.M.Williams legend began with the cuban heel on the Classic Bushman boot. Originally designed as a safety device which prevented the boot going through the stirrup if the rider was thrown by their horse it is now a staple in many wardrobes. The cuban heel is a stacked leather tapered heel with a rubber capping. Now it is featured on the Santa Fe, a boot style seen in the catalogues since 1940.

Styles with a cuban heel: Santa Fe