Scent 01: The signature home fragrance by R.M.Williams 

Our widely popular Scent 01 collection sold out shortly after its release. Rest assured, we will be restocking soon. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified as soon as it returns.

Scent has long played an important role in the world of R.M.Williams, telling vivid stories of the unique outback environment from which we were born and the time-honoured leather craftsmanship for which we’re now known. These diverse aromas – from the light and crisp to the deep and smokey – paint an accurate picture of Australia’s diverse landscape, home to all manner of weather extremes, native flora and varied terrains. It’s this land of complexity that we’ve meticulously worked to recreate in Scent 01, our signature R.M.Williams home fragrance.  

Top notes of fresh lemon leaf, sage and mimosa evoke a fresh spring garden, filled with native plants, followed by earthier tones of dried hay and coriander. Base notes of aged wood and smoke transport us to the sunburnt plains of the outback and nights spent around the campfire with friends. The culmination of these aromas is warming and nostalgic; as lived in as your well-worn RMs. It’s a timeless, seasonless fragrance, inspired by the prevailing, adventurous Australian spirit.

First introduced in 2018, Scent 01 was initially conceived as the definitive fragrance for R.M.Williams stores, though for many customers, it has since grown in popularity to represent something far more emotive.

“We’re constantly receiving feedback from members of our community that the scent reminds them of home. It’s become one of our most highly requested and sought-after products and we’re thrilled to finally offer it to our customers.” 

-Daniel Aldridge, Special Projects Manager at R.M.Williams. 

The scent is available is available in two formats, a versatile Interior Fragrance and a classic candle, hand poured in Melbourne, Victoria. “To me, the Interior Fragrance is perfect for daytime use, refreshing a room and inviting nature’s aromas into the home,” says Daniel. “The candle is a more comforting option for cosy evenings at home – the warm glow of the flame mixed with the earthy base notes creates such a restful atmosphere.”

Though the scent will be inherently familiar to regular visitors of an R.M.Williams store, its launch as a home fragrance will also see it form the backdrop for new memories and family gatherings. It’s a chance to bring the story of R.M.Williams, its rich history and its spirit of adventure into your home. “It will truly immerse you in our world,” says Daniel. “The scent will take you back to the moment of opening your first box of RMs.”