Our new Picnic Blanket was crafted in collaboration with Waverly Mills, Australia’s oldest textile mill. The Launceston-based business was a natural fit for this project, with values of respect for people and planet at the core of everything they do. They’re dedicated to the preservation and growth of onshore manufacturing in Australia, with their time-honoured production processes serving as a showcase of homegrown excellence.

Executive Director David Dickson Farley explains: “Both Waverley Mills and R.M.Williams share great aspirations for the future of Australian regional manufacturing, career development and ongoing career security for future generations of artisans. We’re driving in the same direction with our commitments to circularity and Australian-made products; it’s been a perfect alignment of values.”

Our collaborative woollen Picnic Blanket embodies this spirit of conscious craftsmanship, carefully woven in a unique, ‘one-off’ design using upcycled yarn that was diverted from landfill. With an enduring quality that has the potential to span decades, it’s set to become a collector’s item, passed down through families for adventures yet to come.