David & Grace

Cropping farmers

A sense of purpose runs deep for David and Grace, fourth generation grain growers from northern New South Wales, whose farm produces wheat, chickpeas, sorghum, mung beans and barley. Though recent weather extremes have dealt them a tricky hand, they’re two inspiring personifications of the resilient Australian spirit.

‘Our lives are dictated by the seasons, working with the land, but often against harsh and unpredictable weather. The last few wet years have meant bumper crops, but they followed the worst drought recorded in 100 years on our farm. Still, we wouldn’t change it for the world; no two years or crops are the same. We love everything about where we live and what we do.’

Their connection to the land is closely followed in sentiment by their affinity with R.M.Williams, ‘the one brand that has always come with us everywhere we go, form local barbeques and country race day to weekends in the city.’ They dress for a hard day’s work and value pieces that are ‘easy to wear, rugged and built to the distance.’

And when it comes down to the foundations of their daily uniform, two pieces are a constant: ‘denim and boots are staples of our social and farm lives.’


Earth mover

Andrew knows the rigours of a long day on the land better than most, with his own earth moving business and a property in Queensland to oversee. Rather than battling the ever-changing conditions of the rural environment, Andrew has come to appreciate the unpredictability: ‘rural Australia definitely throws a lot more curveballs at you than coastal Australia. You can experience the harsh heat and the freezing cold all in one day, but I think that’s the beauty of it; you get so much diversity in the landscape.’

As a result, he finds himself reaching for footwear and apparel that’s rich with ‘function and comfort’, adding, ‘you want clothes that are going to protect you from the elements, but that are still breathable for the hotter days under the sun.’

In addition to our new denim styles – ‘they feel sturdy and reliable’ – Andrew’s wardrobe is full of quality pieces from our signature offering.

‘I’ve been wearing R.M.Williams for years now, particularly the shirting. They are definitely built to last and hold up well in the Australian landscape.’


Outback spectacular performer 

Nikia’s coastal upbringing is a far cry from her current starring role in the Outback Spectacular, the Gold Coast-based celebration of all things heartland Australia. Despite only taking up riding six years ago, Nikia’s natural affinity with the sport has seen her excel in camp drafting, reined cow horse events, and more recently as a performer and trick rider in the immersive show.

Her adoptive country lifestyle and experience of the harsh realities of both flooding and droughts over the past few years has exposed her to the true grit of heartland communities, seeing ‘rural families and community come together to ensure everyone is safe, looked after and all pitch in to deal with the aftermath or process of trying to live through it.’

In spite of the hardships, it’s a lifestyle she’s come to truly love, and she’s happy to dress the part, too. ‘I love nothing more than wearing country clothing; I love the versatility it offers whether it’s worn for work in the dirt & dust, dressing for a formal outing, or a corporate event - the clothing suits any event or occasion.’

Her most worn pieces? ‘I have an obsession with boots, but I also can’t go past a denim jacket.’



A proud Aboriginal man from the Kamilaroi tribe, Jason’s relationship with Country has been a driving force in his recent return to Narrabri, New South Wales. His decision to raise his young family in the same region where he was born follows a great journey across Australia, working, travelling, and exploring this diverse nation.

A self-described ‘typical Aussie bloke’, Jason’s passion for life is evident through his ‘family first’ mindset, love for the great outdoors, and years-long involvement in first grade football. As for what comes next, Jason’s focus is on the preservation of his indigenous culture:

‘Living and working in the country is very important to me in maintaining connection to culture and Country, especially educating our future generations.’


Creative fiction writer

Virginia returned to the New England region in 2013 after a personal loss, trading in her 30-year career in the corporate world for a new adventure as a creative writer. Though her pilgrimage back to the area where she spent her childhood has been littered with ‘twists, turns and disruptions’, she is now settled into a new, ‘more informal day at the desk.’

‘I am well into fulfilling a commitment to create an anthology of “factional” stories based on fragments of facts about Waterloo Station at Matheson. After that small mountain, there will be one of a line of full-length novels to come,’ Virginia reveals of her coming publications.

On returning to country living after decades in the city, Virginia reflects, ‘there are scores of limitations around living in rural Australia that everyone here knows well, from droughts, fires, floods, and pestilence to limited access to health services and distances needed to travel for sometimes basic services or range of products. However, to look up and see stars in the night sky again reminds me of how small and insignificant we are in the scheme or chaos of life. There is also nothing quite like the colours, smells and sounds of the region that we knew in our youth.’

As for her daily dressing routine, much has changed since Virginia’s relocation in 2013. Suits are locked firmly in her past (or, more accurately, in her storage unit in Melbourne) and her uniform now revolves around hardy denim styles that can ‘do battle with dog hair and dust’ in Australia’s wild bushland.

‘I also have a 40+ year old pair of original R.M.Williams straight leg moleskins that I still wear. That’s durable! There is nothing better than those moleskins in a biting winter wind.’


Outback Spectacular performer

In his decade-long career as a rider, equine trainer and more recently, star of the Outback Spectacular, Joshua has learned a thing or two about working with horses. When he’s not performing Roman riding or entertaining crowds in the arena, he’s working full time to break and train them up, as well as competing in some of the country’s most impressive equine sports such as camp drafting, cutting, reining, and polocrosse.

With his days predominantly spent in the saddle or treading the land, Joshua’s wardrobe has to be ready to work as hard as him. ‘When choosing a product, I look for durability, comfort, and functionality. This is why R.M.Williams draws me in every time – it brings all three factors together.’ Though the ever-changing conditions of heartland Australia may call for a additional layers, he starts every day with the same line-up of versatile pieces: ‘the main staples of any country wardrobe are classic jeans, a workshirt and a good pair of boots. I can wear them throughout the working day on the land and then turn around and wear them out for dinner.’

Joshua’s passion for the country way of life has taken him far and wide. Now based on the Gold Coast and looking ahead to a new set of dreams and goals, he can reflect on the moments of achievement along the way. ‘I have been very privileged to do some incredible things in the equine industry over the past 10 years and there are so many highlights; the picturesque scenery, the amazing animals, life-long friendships, and most importantly, the knowledge I have gained from so many people and experiences throughout my time in different parts of rural Australia.’

‘It takes a different kind of determination to do what the rural Australians do on a daily basis.’