Made to order boots crafted from one piece of leather



Our Made to Order program is currently on pause

Our Made to Order boot service enables you to create your very own pair of custom boots from the ground up. Add your own style to make your boots truly unique. There are eight steps to designing your one-of-a-kind boots and you can also personalise each pair to truly make them yours.

Boot anatomy


1. Toe shapes

There are six toe shapes to select from.

Choose a toe shape

2. Heels

We’ll go to great heights to find the right heel to match your style, whether it’s flat, flat tapered, block or Cuban. Choose from 5 different heel styles.

Choose a heel

3. Soles

Soles can be sewn welt leather, brass-screwed or rubber, and all 5 sole options guarantee comfort and durability.

Choose a sole

4. Widths

It doesn’t matter how wide or narrow your foot is, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. Choose from 9 different widths

Choose a width

5. Lengths

Our boot size range spans from 1 to 17, this will vary between styles. We recommend requesting a fitting with our retail store staff or stockist.

Choose a length


6 & 7. Leather and colour

Choose from our traditional yearling or kangaroo leather; or something more exotic such as ostrich or crocodile. Our boots are available in more than 20 different colours, including two-tone artisanal hand-burnished styles.

Choose a leather


8. Tugs, elastics, edge stain and engraving

Tugs and side elastics come in a range of colours. To complete the look of your boot, choose a matching or contrasting edge stain or opt for a natural leather finish. Finally, add your personal message for engraving on the sole or heel edge.

Personalise your tugs, elastics edge stain and sole
Go in store for an expert fitting

Expert fitting and service

Because we make every pair of boots by hand, we can work with you to build your own from beginning to end. Just like presidents and fashion designers before you, you can customise every aspect from leather types and colours to heel types, stitch patterns and more, in over 4,000,000 variations to suit your personality.

Our staff will guide you through the simple process and possible combinations, providing you a full quote and delivery date when you order. Every finalised design is then vetted by our most experienced craftsmen. Timing varies with leather choice, so please allow six weeks for delivery.

Made to order boots - as unique as you