The Lady Yearling: the perfect on location boot

Linnea Grondahl tells why this boot was perfect on location (and with *every* outfit)

The terrain of the Snowy Mountains in the south-eastern corner of New South Wales is unique: pristine and difficult.

It was here that the R.M.Williams’ new season autumn/winter campaign was shot, so suited to the rugged elegance of the brand’s best-selling Lady Yearling boots, as well as to the new seasonal boots, the Erica and Curio. The romance and sense of wildness here is a mood well expressed in the pairing of these particularly sturdy, refined, ‘take you anywhere’ boots with feminine dresses, warm jackets and light and easy-to-wear pieces in cotton and silk.

This mood was captured by Swedish model Linnea Grondahl, who not only looked incredible but, as she reports, was both comfortable and confident on location.


How did the Lady Yearling boot hold up throughout the days of shooting?

I was impressed by how well the boots held up to the terrain and the cold of the Snowy Mountains. I actually wore the boots both off and on-set as I found them so comfortable and easy to slip into in between shots. I was grateful that my feet were warm during all of the long days! But most surprising was how they went so well with each of the looks I modelled. It really made me think about them as an alternative to sneakers with dresses and denim especially.


How would you style them for life off-set?

For my everyday life I’d style the Lady Yearling boots with a pair of blue vintage Levi’s jeans, T-shirt or oversized shirt, a big blazer and a cute handbag. I always like to try to mix different styles up. For example I like wearing boots like these with a more feminine piece like a cute blouse. I think the clash of it is really cool.


You’re in Europe now. Give us a style tip for the season ahead!

I’m Swedish but when it comes to winter style I often look to Copenhagen. I was there for work recently and everyone there has such great taste. I think it’s eclectic and chic but practical too as most people cycle everywhere. I noticed a lot of women wearing oversized long wool coats. I think the emphasis in Scandinavia truly lies in high quality, statement outerwear and accessories. Everyone has a great handbag, good shoes or boots, warm jackets and coats.


Linnea wears Mallala bow neck dress and Lady Yearling boot in black.