Men’s boots– the RM way

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There are some things in life worth doing properly. Like boots. That’s the way we approach them, with over 80 pairs of hands and individual processes used to make each pair. And it’s the same when you’re buying them. Get the right pair the first time around and they’ll stick with you for the duration, because they’re more than simply a purchase.

We offer more styles and sizes than most boot makers in order to ensure the perfect fit. Sometimes that makes choosing the right style overwhelming, here you can choose your style by the toe shape, heel type or sole type.

R.M.Williams toe shapes

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The perfect-fitting boot is always our priority. That's why we create different shapes to cater for everyone. Start by selecting your perfect toe shape.

R.M.Williams heel styles

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Our boots feature heel shapes with a composite rubber grip for shock absorption, in either stacked leather or rubber. They are hand-shaped, sanded, stained and polished.

R.M.Williams sole types

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A great boot is only as great as its sole. R.M.Williams' traditional construction methods will ensure that your boots stand the test of time.