Let’s take it back to the late 1980s. Customers from far and wide are stepping into the iconic Craftsman with its square chisel toe, or perhaps sticking to a stirrup-ready western boot, but there’s a growing demand for a new style to land somewhere in the middle. Refined yet practical. A classic riding boot with a modern feel. A durable product that could last a lifetime, with a design that you’d really want to wear for a lifetime. The answer finally came in the form of the Yearling Boot.

At first glance this boot shared many traits with other R.M.Williams favourites, but once you looked a little closer, there was a lot of individuality worth celebrating. For one, the almond toe, a new shape for the brand that not only attracted legions of new wearers, but also opened the door for many subsequent silhouettes.

Head of Footwear Development, David Cook, elaborates that this silhouette

“was still loyal to the versatile, practical boots we were known for, but offered a slightly dressier look. Not everyone wanted a wide or needle toe, so we crafted something different, more refined”

The Yearling’s origins as a riding boot are evident throughout every aspect of its sleek design; a slim, tapered toe to slip into the stirrups, a sturdy block heel to hold it in place through every twist and turn, and our signature one-piece upper construction, crafted to hold up against the harshest of conditions on long rides through the outback.

“It’s really a direct descendant of our original elastic-sided boots, with a few updates to give it a dressier feel.”

Fast forward to today and the Yearling still has a loyal fan base including wearers who first invested in the 1980s, and new generations, seeking boots to match the cyclical comeback of 80s style. Women can now experience the wonders of this boot for themselves, thanks to the introduction of the Lady Yearling, a much-loved feminine counterpart with many of the same hallmarks. One thing’s for sure: once you step into a Yearling boot, nothing else will ever compare.

“Once you wear a Yearling, you’ll be in it for life.”