If there’s one person who truly embodies our Crafted for life ethos, it’s Matt Moran. For over 30 years, the accomplished chef and restaurant owner has worked to bring ‘Paddock to Plate’ living and eating to the forefront of the Australian food scene, cultivating an honest appreciation for seasonal produce and an understanding of the power that food has to connect communities. It’s a mission that guides Moran in his ever-diversifying career, whether he’s harvesting crops at his family farm in Rockley, New South Wales or running plates at any one of his award-winning restaurants.

To field test the versatility and weatherproof capabilities of our new season Goodwood Boot and waxed cotton jackets, we visited Moran at his rural property for a rainy day out on the land, experiencing the great spontaneity of Australian winter weather. The same hardy styles then journeyed to one of his Sydney outposts, Chiswick, where we got to understand how the chef’s ethos – and wardrobe – operates on a unique balance of country and city living.

“At the heart of everything that I do lives a passion for quality produce that is fresh and seasonal,” Moran says.

“The Paddock to Plate philosophy is about following what’s in season and sourcing great local produce.”

It ensures you’re using the freshest and best ingredients, and reversely it’s all about celebrating the farmer. It’s fantastic to see that more and more people are engaged with where their food comes from, both at home and in restaurants.”

A celebration of seasonality is especially present at Chiswick, where produce from the restaurant’s kitchen garden dictates the seasonally changing menu. It’s a fitting snapshot of the spirited Australian food and wine scene – one rich in abundance and variety.

“All you need to do is look at how large Australia is and our ever-changing landscape and climate to understand how diverse our offering is, from the best of what the ocean can deliver to the very best of farming and produce grown on the land.” Having searched far and wide for the best our country has to offer, Moran’s ‘greatest hits’ of Australian produce include Sydney Rock Oysters from South Merimbula, Canberran truffles and other culinary wonders: “I was recently over in Western Australia in the Mid-West region; their Abrolhos Octopus are the best. Then look to David Blackmore's Wagyu, it's known all over the world.”

Moran’s appreciation for quality extends into his daily uniform, which needs to hold up equally well for days trudging through the paddocks and meetings in the city. “I lean towards good quality, functional, everyday classics in my wardrobe - you’ll often find me in a pair of jeans, a good quality T-shirt and a pair of sneakers or my R.M.Williams boots.” Our new season Tarcutta Parka and Draughtsman Overshirt have also become favourites, able to transition from smart casual style to hardy protection, thanks to their weatherproof Halley Stevensons waxed cotton shells. “Both jackets are fantastic; they have such a lightweight feel whilst still keeping me warm and dry in the adverse weather.”

“I really love the Tarcutta’s deep pockets – perfect for keeping my hands dry at the farm – and the clean cut of the Draughtsman with the pockets tucked away in the seams. It’s a functional piece that still works in the city.”

Alongside his cherished pair of R.M.Williams boots – “I bought them over 20 years ago and they’re still in rotation in my wardrobe” – Moran also recently added our Goodwood Boot to his collection. The boot’s waterproof upper and protective full storm welt are a fitting match for the wild terrain of the farm, but it’s the contemporary appeal of this new style that caught Moran’s eye. “It has a slightly more modern feel than my classic RMs, whilst staying incredibly functional and comfortable. I love the slightly rougher leather finish and laid-back style; they can do the hard yards but I can also see myself wearing them around Sydney on the weekends.”

Just what Moran has in store for his weekends remains to be seen. If he’s not doing the rounds of his city eateries, he may be found sneaking away for a few days to check in with his farm manager or mucking in at the Rockley Pub, a recent venture. On his rare nights off, Moran will be staying in and preparing the ultimate rotation of wintertime comfort dishes: “in the cooler months, there is nothing better than a roast dinner. I love roasting a chook or my Moran Family Farm pork rack. Another comforting dish I love to make is a cassoulet, it’s one of my favourite things to cook, and it’s always a big hit when I have friends over.”

And from the veggie patch? “I can’t wait to harvest my broccoli and cauliflower. I am always growing a good selection of herbs and lettuce in the garden too. When I am up at the farm, I walk out with a bowl and some scissors and cut off what I need while cooking – there’s nothing better than growing your own vegetables and then eating them, it’s the ultimate satisfaction.”

Visit mattmoran.com.au to learn more about Matt Moran’s latest projects and award-winning line-up of restaurants.