Spring Summer New Season Collection Spring Summer New Season Collection

Welcome to ‘The Journey on The Ghan’ paying tribute to the beauty of the landscape of Australia and the sense of adventure ingrained within the R.M.Williams spirit.

Grounded in the stockyards of Australia and born of an honest work ethic and heritage, the collection is ‘designed with purpose’, and unites with ‘The Ghan’, another Australian icon closely linked to the journeyman spirit of R.M.Williams and to the birthplace of the brand in Adelaide. Focused on the reinvention of classic styles, the latest collection of boots, bags, sneakers and ready-to-wear is showcased against a backdrop of train travel crossing Australia’s centre, with rugged and elegant pieces ready to take the modern adventurer from scenic gorges to luxury onboard dining, addressing needs posed by all types of moments on the journey.

Our seasonal range of footwear extends wearing occasions, and is created for all life’s adventures. From the Comfort Craftsman – handcrafted in Adelaide – and a range of lace-up boots and shoes, to urban sneaker styles, the leather types and colours are inspired by the distinct colours of the outback, including burnt ochre, slate and mustard. And through the clothing range, eucalypt, blush and marine provide highlights that also elicit the essence of the journey.


From the locations of Katherine Gorge, Simpsons Gap and Manguri, we hope to entice you to take up your own life’s adventures with our seasonal range and travel on The Ghan. Welcome to our seasonal destination.

R.M.Williams Denim jacket and jeans for him at Katherine Gorge
R.M.Williams Polo, pants, sneakers and Gippsland bag
R.M.Williams mustard shirt, drover belt and chinos
R.M.Williams leather jacket, black denim jeans and script t-shirt
R.M.Williams longhorne t-shirt, black jeans and turnout chelsea boots
R.M.Williams shirt in The Ghan dining car
R.M.Williams jacket, denim and Craftsman in the lounge on The Ghan
R.M.Williams outfitting head to toe for men and women
R.M.Williams Denim jeans, shirt and Lady Yearling for her at Katherine Gorge
R.M.Williams white dress and Kingscote laceup boots at Simpson Gap
R.M.Williams grey marle frill neck polo
R.M.Williams cream short suit and Akubra hat with camel escort
R.M.Williams white cotton shirt, black denim jeans and Yearling boots
R.M.Williams mustard shirt dreaming in the cabin on The Ghan

The campaign was photographed in early 2020 ahead of the unprecedented events of this year. ‘Journey On The Ghan’ pays tribute to the beauty of the landscapes of Australia and the sense of adventure ingrained within the R.M.Williams spirit. The merging of these two Australian heritage brands is one close to the passions of R.M.Williams. It is an adventure from country to city – and on one of the world’s greatest journeys, beginning or ending in Adelaide, the home of our brand. A legendary and unforgettable Australian adventure, it highlights the outback spirit, going coast to coast through the continent’s rugged centre, at a time when we all seek to once again travel to unique places around the world and support local communities.


R.M.Williams outfitting head to toe for women