step back in time and see the Craftsman evolve step back in time and see the Craftsman evolve

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the craftsman

We step back in time to look back at the evolution of the Craftsman through the pages of archival catalogues. Perfecting the Craftsman boot was a life’s work for R.M.Williams. Beautifully constructed and our most popular boot, they’re just as comfortable at a wedding as they are at a worksite. The more time you spend in them, the more you’ll come to enjoy them. They may even become part of your legacy, as they have done for RM himself.


we specialise in hand-made boots

Although the Craftsman wasn’t known by name at this time, the R.M.Williams DNA is plain to see. Elastic sided boots, made to order. Choose your leather, heel and toe and expect the best quality and workmanship.

elastic sided boots 1940
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1941 - 1965


Over the next 25 years the R.M.Williams range of elastic sided boots was extended, each boot serving a new purpose. “The Grazier”, “The Pony Club”, “The Dress boot” and “The Gardener” just to name a few. The workshop in South Australia now employing 125 people all pledged to maintain a high standard of materials and workmanship.

1940-1966 elastic sided boots evolve
1940-1966 elastic sided boots evolve




“...we have introduced a fine calf boot for the man who likes to be well-dressed but still stick to the traditional stockman’s boot … this boot we have called the CRAFTSMAN. It is an elegant boot and represents the best that can be made.”

R.M.Williams introduction of the Craftsman
R.M.Williams catalogue introducing the Craftsman in 1966



Where quality comes first and style counts

“An elegant boot for the man who can appreciate quality. Made from specially selected superfine veal-calf which is the product not only of hand-picked skins, but also the tanner's finest skills. ... The chisel square toe, a new style added to our range, is a special feature of this boot. Imparts a slim appearance and an air of elegance. This is a boot you could wear on any occasion.”

R.M.Williams catalogue 1968 The Craftsman
R.M.Williams catalogue 1968 The Craftsman



R.M.Williams boots were born in the bush

The Craftsman has now become an iconic design in the R.M.Williams range of boots. It’s design has remained the same and often described as a ‘dress boot’ but in fact it can be worn from the boardroom to the bush.

R.M.Williams 1983 catalogue


R.M.Williams 1998 catalogue


R.M.Williams 2002 catalogue




worn by global leaders, international film stars, world sporting champions & thousands of people around the world

The 2000s saw new sole technology with the introduction of Comfort sole followed by Dynamic flex. Both bringing a new level of comfort and practicality. Choose from an array of leathers, colours, sole and comfort options to create your own unique personal style.

R.M.Williams 2004 catalogue


R.M.Williams 2010 catalogue


R.M.Williams 2014 catalogue




Our signature craftsman

Eighty hand-held processes, one pair of boots.

The Signature Craftsman is the pride of our fleet, worn by world leaders past and present. Made from premium French veal-calf leather, its refined toe shape, lightweight leather insole, extra fine stitching and rich sole stain are signed of quality and luxury.

This exquisitely handcrafted boot is our finest work. Our master bookmaker’s personal signature adorns a brass plaque mounted on each fine leather sole as a symbol of superior craftsmanship.

R.M.Williams Signature Craftsman
R.M.Williams 2020 Craftsman
R.M.Williams 2020 Craftsman Chinchilla