With over 90 years of boot making experience under our belts, you may find it hard to believe that we’re still breaking new ground, but the new, all-purpose Goodwood Boot does just this. It’s a celebration of our legendary craftsmanship from top to toe, with a line-up of features carefully selected for modern endurance, including a one-piece leather upper, comfort insole and treaded rubber sole.

Amy Barnes, our Head of Footwear and Accessories Design explains: “The Goodwood embodies our rich history of crafting products for life’s great journeys - it’s a union of so many considered elements, designed with a focus on functionality and comfort.

“We feel proud to be re-engineering RM’s classic designs and concepts for a modern wearer, now nine decades after he made his first boot.”

The Goodwood’s sense of purpose isn’t its only time-honoured feature; its upper is cut from crazy horse leather, a material that has stood the test of time and delivered across a range of R.M.Williams products throughout the years. It delivers in terms of outdoor performance, with warming, protective qualities and a water repellent finish.

The final, artisanal component is a full storm welt, stitched to the sole of the boot as an additional shield against the elements. Completed by hand at our iconic Adelaide workshop, the technique is symbolic of the deep appreciation for craftsmanship and lasting quality that each of our highly skilled craftspeople upholds.

“The process of stitching a full storm welt is time-consuming and highly specialised, but the quality and endurance of the finished product is unmatched,” Amy adds, “using the goodyear welt method of construction also means that the boot can be re-soled again and again, increasing its lifespan and representing a worthy investment for our customers.”

And its look? Well, that’s different, too. Though the Goodwood’s round toe and robust, flat sole may remind you of our bestselling Gardener, its crazy horse upper has a deeply characterful appeal – a patina of light and shade. It’s a good-looking boot, but not a precious one.

“the leather has a rough-and-ready feel, ready to work for you, take a few knocks and bear the marks of adventure.”

In fact, the Goodwood’s affinity for the richness of life’s experiences is likely to give it its own purposeful place in any growing boot collection. As well as the long-standing union of function and style that customers have come to expect from R.M.Williams, this new boot offers reliable comfort for a range of terrains. Whether worn down to the pub for Friday knock offs or for a weekend of camping under the stars, it’s the first boot you’ll reach for when the working week is done and the fun can begin.