In our ever-growing line-up of boots for men, there are many characters worth celebrating, but one reigns supreme over all. The Craftsman’s distinctive chisel square toe shape, low profile and flat heel has defined classic Australian style for the better part of 6 decades, and now it’s sidestepping into a refreshed, zip-up boot, crafted for urban adventures. Welcome, the Bunbury. 

From a distance, this refined boot could pass for its Craftsman sibling, but up close, the differences are plenty. Instead of the traditional elastic side panels, the Bunbury boasts a discreet zip-up opening, a purposeful feature that offers both increased accessibility and a polished, all-leather finish. Head of Footwear and Accessories Design Amy Barnes, shares, “The Craftsman silhouette is well-known and well-loved, so we’ve tried to harness that iconicity and offer our customers something new. The zip-up functionality gives the Bunbury a slightly smarter, slick appeal and sets it apart from our other Chelsea boots – it can really diversify any R.M.Williams boot collection.” 

The boot’s accessible appeal is multiplied by its Dynamic Flex fit, a supportive element that has garnered an equally passionate group of followers over the years. The cushioned Dynamic Flex insole is engineered to bolster the foot for confident daily wear and is well suited to those who often spend the day on their feet. The insole can also be removed to make space for the wearer’s personal orthotic inserts, adding a further layer of adaptability. 

“We’re excited to offer another boot in our bestselling Dynamic Flex fit; the Bunbury’s elevated, dressy appeal will give our long-standing Dynamic Flex customers a solution for more formal occasions, without compromising on the support that they rely upon,” comments Amy.

The Bunbury’s internal functionality is matched by its Dynamic Flex sole, a combination of rubber and leather panels built for flexibility, shock absorption and advanced grip on city streets. As with all of our iconic men’s boots, the Bunbury is meticulously crafted in Australia by our highly skilled artisans, who employ an intricate Goodyear welting process to ensure endurance.

“At its core, it’s an extremely hardworking boot – one that will do the hard yards,” adds Amy. “When you take into account that it can be re-soled again and again, it represents a fantastic long-term investment for anyone looking to update their working wardrobe with quality and stability.”