Replace Elastics
A$55.00 - A$140.00


RM Williams  Replace Elastics
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Replace Elastics


A$55.00 - A$140.00

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Send your old friends back to the hands that lovingly created them. The same bootmakers who made your boots can replace the elastics, the tugs and resole them

Replace Elastics

  • Repairs made with authentic parts developed with experience over 84 years
  • Due to age and/or wear and tear, the elasticity in the elastics may diminish
  • Elastics can be replaced individually, or in multiples as required


Product code: Replace_Elastics


  • All repairs are subject to inspection and by purchasing this product you have read and agreed to the Boot Repair Conditions outlined below
  • Additional work may be required at a cost of up to $250
  • During the stripping process it may be found that your boots are incapable of repair, in which case you will be contacted by customer service


  • Following your purchase our Customer Service team will issue mail you an Express Post satchel via Australia Post 
  • Carefully package and return your boots in the provided satchel. With a copy of your order confirmation. We recommend using a cardboard box to avoid damage in transit
  • Once your boots arrive at The Boot Room our bootmakers will make an assessment and begin the repair process
  • Depending on the repair/s required your good as old boots will be returned to you within 3 – 4 weeks

Boot Repair Conditions

R.M. Williams boots are constructed in such a manner that under normal wear and tear they can be repaired several times in their lifetime. But like any good product, if not properly cared for, irreparable and often unseen damage can occur which is not evident until the boots are stripped down for repair.

During the stripping process it may be discovered that additional work is required to enable the original repair request to be carried out. If this is found to be the case, appropriate costs may be applied. R.M. Williams Pty. Ltd. accept these boots for repair under the condition that no responsibility will be taken where the boots are found after stripping to be incapable of repair. If this occurs your boots will be returned to you in the stripped state, and a full refund will be applied. To R.M. Williams Pty Ltd, I have read the above conditions under which you accept my boot for repair, upon payment of this repair product you agree to be bound by the above conditions.

THANK YOU for trusting us with the repairs to your R.M. Williams boots. In doing so you have availed yourself of the skills practiced by the craftsmen and women in our boot factory and the quality of the materials we use in the making of all new boots. The success of the repairs carried out on your boots will depend as it always does, whether they are new or old boots, on the care and maintenance you continue to give them.