R.M.Williams introduces Phoebe Tonkin R.M.Williams introduces Phoebe Tonkin

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“R.M.Williams is a brand I’ve grown up with and embodies all that I love about being Australian – from the commitment to preserving and championing our land to the culture of friendship we are lucky to have. While I’ve been coined as the first female ambassador, the truth is that there are hundreds of hardworking females and undeniable characters which have fed into the rich history of the brand.

R.M.Williams commitment to exposing and fostering both new and past undeniable characters was something which was immediately appealing. My craft values storytelling above all else so I was hugely flattered to be part of that.”



We are proud to announce Australian Actress Phoebe Tonkin as our newest Ambassador, honouring our incredible craftswomen, as the first female given the official title in the brand's 88-year history. This is a celebration of the strength of the key female personalities at the heart of R.M.Williams, both past and present. Phoebe joins Boots Ambassador Hugh Jackman as international face and spokesperson in their Undeniable Character campaign.

Launched with Hugh Jackman in 2019, Undeniable Character brings to life the enduring quality of R.M.Williams through the stories of our people, processes and products. Honouring the tenets of grit, tenacity and a pioneering spirit, Undeniable Character champions the qualities within that mirror the characteristics of Reginald Murray Williams himself.

We are thrilled to have a female addition to the Undeniable Character family who celebrates the strong women who have been part of the brand since the beginning. As one of Australia’s new wave of personalities, Phoebe represents a new generation of Australian spirit and the very traits that define the brand's DNA - strength, tenacity, exploration and humility.

Her Undeniable Character took her from a childhood acting in Sydney to acclaimed Hollywood performances. It also brought her to our Adelaide workshop where she met our craftsmen and women, who presented her a one of a kind pair of handcrafted boots.

Watch the video to see our Undeniable Character, Phoebe Tonkin, meeting our Master Craftsman.

Phoebe meets Steve our master craftsman
Phoebe and Cassie
Phoebe meets Natalie our head designer
Phoebe, Terry and Debbie


Phoebe celebrates R.M.Williams' craftsmanship

Undeniable Character Phoebe Tonkin learns about the skills that go into every pair of R.M.Williams boots, passed down through generations of craftsmen and craftswomen in our Adelaide workshop.



Phoebe meets and hears stories from the craftsmen and women of the R.M.Williams workshop.

Phoebe is the newest R.M.Williams ambassador and she’s also the newest member of our family. That’s how the people of our Adelaide workshop see themselves. Some have worked decades side by side with ever growing pride and dedication to craftsmanship. It’s clear in the quality of our boots, accessories and apparel - and it’s just one aspect of their undeniable character.



Follow Phoebe as she hears about what inspired RM’s grit and determination. Back in 1932, RM recognised the need for hardwearing products that could endure the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. More than 80 years on, we continue to honour RM’s legacy by sourcing the finest quality materials and delivering purposefully designed goods to Undeniable Characters around the globe.


Meet phoebe and find out about her style


Phoebe in head to toe R.M.Williams