“This is my fourth time at Beef Australia,” says Terry Goodear, Head of Heritage and Heartland Marketing at R.M.Williams. “I first started attending 12 years ago with the Longhorn Express in tow, so it’s great to be back here and to bring the Hut along for the first time.” 

Terry, along with Hut Overseer Tina and a host of other R.M.Williams ambassadors are stationed in the heart of Beef24, bringing local crowds a selection of Re.Made boots, leather care products, accessories and of course, all the elements needed to craft a bespoke leather belt by hand. “It’s so important to fly the flag here for Australian craftsmanship and give everyone an insight into what we do in Adelaide at our workshop,” says Terry.

“No matter who steps into the Hut, people really appreciate the chance to feel and touch the product and understand what we’re about.”

Craftsmanship and innovation are key at this renowned event, hosted in Rockhampton, Queensland. Every three years, representatives from every corner of the cattle industry gather at the week-long festival to exhibit their products, share the latest technology, and showcase the very best cattle from a range of breeds. It also presents a rare and uniquely large-scale opportunity for old friends and industry acquaintances to come together in one place, gathering for impromptu meetings and sharing tips of the trade over a beer.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for the pastoral industry to get together and celebrate what it is to grow prime beef in Australia,” adds Mark Muller, Editor-in-Chief of OUTBACK Magazine. “It’s great to see the ancillary businesses showcase their materials, whether that’s in agricultural machinery, stockyard machinery, vehicles, technology - it all comes through the space.”

Mark is in town for the week to connect with old friends, seek inspiration for upcoming stories and immerse himself in the rural, regional and remote culture that continues to inspire OUTBACK Magazine. “These are R.M.Williams people, OUTBACK Magazine people. Whilst Beef Australia is a huge undertaking as a broad celebration, at the heart of it, there are still people growing beautiful cows that are the peak examples of the species.”

“It’s also incredible to see an increasing number of schools and kids taking part, working with cattle or on stalls and getting involved in an industry that they can see a future in.” 

Terry’s also been connecting with the next generation of the cattle industry in some moving scenes at the Hut: “It’s nice to see so many young people coming in for belts or to get their first pair of boots. We had one father bring his son in to buy him some RMs – that excitement never gets old.”

He adds, “We also had a visit from a gentleman who came in 12 years ago and bought his newborn daughter a pair of RMs. He proudly told us that she’s now a passionate horse rider and still wears her boots today. This is why people come back to this event again and again, to enjoy connection and catch up with folks they might not have seen in years.”

The impact of the event on the local community and those who have travelled from further afield is not lost on Paul Grosmann, CEO of R.M.Williams, who’s attending Beef Australia for the first time. “I’m so thrilled to be here; it’s completely surpassed my expectations in terms of the significance and the scale of it. What’s surprised me the most and what makes this event so special for me is the effort and energy that everyone has put into showing up in the right way and creating an event that brings people together."

“I’ve realised it’s as much about uniting a community and maintaining these incredible connections as it is about learning of developments in the cattle industry and seeing all of the new materials and products on sale.”

For Paul, the event has also been a unique opportunity to connect with the communities that R.M.Williams was originally founded to cater for – those with a true understanding of the wonder and challenge that the Australian outback can offer: “This is where the brand started, our origins lie within this community and that element remains at the heart of R.M.Williams today. You only have to spend a couple of hours here to experience many memorable moments, from the rush of people coming to the Hut after indulgent long lunches to get an extra notch in their belts, to the amazing gentleman who visited us with a pair of 52-year-old R.M.Williams boots that have been well-loved but still look amazing.”

“It fills me with immense pride to be showing up with the team here and to be fostering these authentic experiences with our customers. It’s not about chasing a buck; it’s about being a part of something much bigger.”