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Jeans that last
A few simple steps will help you keep your favourite denims looking better, for longer


R.M.Williams is Australia’s oldest maker of denim jeans, so when you purchase a pair you want them to last. There’s nothing quite like a favourite pair of denim jeans in terms of timeless style and comfort and there are some simple steps you can follow to maintain the look and extend the shelf life of your denim garments.

Historically a work-wear fabric, denim is known for its durability and is typically made from 100% cotton, which is indigo-dyed and tightly woven in a twill structure. Denim appears differently from other cotton products as the indigo dye is applied to the vertical (warp) yarns and the horizontal (weft) yarns are left white.With the yarn dyed prior to the fabric being woven, as opposed to other fabrics that are dyed as a piece.

The indigo dyes in some of our jeans will release both with wear and in the wash. The less indigo lost at the beginning of the lifetime of the jean, the richer the finish will look in the long run.

For this reason, our clothing experts agree that limiting the washing of your jeans until necessary is important. To best preserve the colour of your jeans turn them inside-out and wash in cold water on a slow spin cycle. Always allow your jeans to drip dry, away from direct sunlight. Always wash denim with like colours and do not use fabric softener.

To find out what specific care is required for your new R.M.Williams denim piece, please read the care label for unique care requirements


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Denim Care Guide

Tips on how to wash your denim 

  • Limit the washing of your jeans until necessary.
  • Turn them inside-out and wash in cold water on a slow spin cycle. 
  • Always allow your jeans to drip dry, away from direct sunlight. 
  • When you first wash your black jeans hand soak them inside out in cold water using only a small amount of black fabric wash to retain colour for longer.

Tips on denim stretch and fit 

  • The majority of our jeans are rinse washed before sale, so they should not shrink noticeably, although they will fade over time.
  • For rigid denims (unwashed) allow a slight amount of shrinkage, the majority of which will occur in the length.
  • Stretch jeans will grow to accommodate your shape and movements. After each wash, they will shrink back to their original shape.


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