Rhys Ripper. Undeniable Character. Rhys Ripper. Undeniable Character.


My boots make me feel strong, powerful and proud

“I’ve had these boots since the mid-2000s and I always feel good in them. They make me feel proud to wear a heritage boot.”

I am a proud Aboriginal man from Yorta Yorta country and was brought up on a farm in a small district called Wharparilla, outside of a country town called Echuca, along the Murray River on the New South Wales/Victoria border. I was always involved with my mob, who are from that region, and we were always camping in the area – my dad made a real point of having us be really in touch with the land and the country that we grew up on.

The boots have always been able to handle whatever I’ve thrown at them. They can handle where I’m from – they can handle the bush, and funny enough, when I moved to the city I used the boots more as something to get dressed up in and maybe that was me carrying the pride of a heritage label and showing it in a different way in the city, as opposed to how I’d wear it in the country.


I purchased this pair brand new, but it needed to be fixed after a lot of wear and tear. The elastic had gone out, so I thought, ‘Surely I can get that fixed?’ I went onto the RM Williams website and saw that it could get fixed. The thing with RM boots is that they’re boots that you want to own and take pride in. I really value the fact that R.M.Williams can repair – and help maintain – your boots. You want your boots to last and when you invest in a pair, you want that journey and to be able to continue wearing them, because they become a part of you.

When I wear RM boots I feel stronger, because I know the history of the brand and the connection it has had to the Australian country and landscape, so there’s this energy that comes from it where you just feel strong and powerful and proud of what you’re wearing. I’ve always loved Australian brands so wearing something like R.M. Williams, which we’ve all grown up with, is something you want to showcase to the world and I’ve done just that, wearing them everywhere I’ve gone.

Rhys's R.M.Williams Comfort Turnout Rhys's R.M.Williams Comfort Turnout


I have so many scuffs on my boots, but the scuffs really show my journey. I’ve been all over Australia and across Europe as well for work, and the boots have always held up well. They did especially well when I was hiking in India near the Himalayas. You can just rely on them.

want to do, and because I’ve grown up with them it brings a sense of nostalgia so that when people see it, they’re inspired and think, ‘I want a pair of these,’ or, ‘I remember these, my dad used to wear them, my grandpa used to wear them,’ so they really suit a lot of my stories.

For me, the R.M.Williams boots and garments not only suit me and my wardrobe, they fit in with my life. They’re quality and built to last, and this is how I dress… It’s a reflection of how I’ve grown up and it just makes sense. This is me.”


Made by Hand. Repaired by Hand. Worn by You.

Rhys wearing his Comfort Turnout in Chestnut
Rhys Ripper

Official Repair and Care Service

R.M.Williams boot repair

Boots being repaired by the hands that made them

You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their boots. Some of our customers bought their first pair of RM’s over half a century ago and still wear them till this day. In fact, some would argue, as did RM himself, that the worst their boots looked, was the day they bought them. With every wear, your pair is branded with personality. Even the smallest scuff has a story worth telling.

Your RM’s will need the occasional service and that’s where our Boot Repair Room steps in. It takes time to make something special, which is why it’s worth keeping your RM’s in top-notch condition and investing in a little care and attention. Whether it be resoling your boots, fixing your stitches, or replacing the iconic tugs and elastic, our Boot Repair Room is equipped to bring your RM’s back to health and you back on your feet. Consider them good as new, but with that old boot feeling.


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Caring for your boots with polish


Apply R.M.Williams Leather Cleaner directly and evenly onto the leather. Rub cleaner evenly over surface with a damp cloth until clean. Remove any excess cleaner with a dry clean cloth.


Apply R.M.Williams Leather Conditioner evenly to finished leathers with a clean cloth or hands. Allow the conditioner to penetrate before buffing off excess to a soft sheen. R.M.Williams Leather Condition should be applied regularly to finished leather footwear (every six weeks in humid conditions or as the leather becomes dry) to maintain and preserve the leather. Be careful not to over condition. For finished uppers this has the added benefit of reducing harmful polish build-up.


Apply R.M.Williams Stockman’s Boot Polish to finished leathers with a clean cloth and rub in well. Buff briskly with a buffing cloth to obtain a high shine. For boots which are badly scuffed, optimum results will be achieved if the polish is left on the uppers overnight. This will ensure the pigment is absorbed into the leather. Buff briskly with a shoe shine brush and finish with a buffing cloth to obtain a high shine.


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