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Country Bred, City Led
Our new Sydney boot has the red dirt of the outback in its DNA, but it’s born to walk more urban streets.


The latest addition to our men’s footwear range, the Sydney is designed for city adventures, so has been named after our iconic state capital.

It is handcrafted on our traditional Craftsman last, and, like the iconic Craftsman, is Goodyearwelted. It is elastic-sided with our signature refined chisel toe, however it has a lower profile and just one tug at the back.

The Sydney was developed with two things in mind: providing a lighter option for summer wear, which is why we’ve shortened the shaft of the boot; and a more ‘shoe-like’ appearance (hence removing the tug at the front) to create a neater silhouette.


The lowered height and sleeker look bring a new appeal to this brand staple. Proudly made in our Adelaide workshop, the Sydney is ideal for formal occasions, aswell as everyday wear in the warmer months. It is bound to become a future icon for the brand.

The Sydney takes its stylistic cues from our elegantly proportioned Signature Craftsman. The slight difference in weight is because of the lower height of the boot and the use of less materials. We have also lightened the internal components in the toe cap to give an overall softer and more refined appeal. The Sydney Boot has gone through the same quality testing as all RM boots to ensure reliability for everyday wear.


Sydney Boot