In RMs Footsteps
In RMs Footsteps
In RMs Footsteps



Be Inspired by a Legend
Imagine what it would be like to live like R.M. Williams for a few days…


Picture yourself in the Australian outback, in the very places that inspired Reginald Murray Williams, talk to the very same people who knew the founder of the global footwear and clothing empire, and immerse yourself deeply in the heartland which so influenced this camel driver, well sinker, horse trainer and all round bushman, who went on to become one of the great romantic figures of the Australian outback.

To celebrate this legendary Australian, R.M.Williams in collaboration with luxury in-bound travel operator The Tailor, has designed a four-day journey following the amazing trajectory of RM’s life – from the harsh desert landscapes of South Australia to the workshop in Adelaide where it all begun, and where the magic still happens today.

This journey is the ultimate tribute to RM Williams (1908-2003), tracing the personal history of this remarkable Australian, telling the story of how he created the famous leather boots now sold around the world. Guests will visit many of the outback places that shaped his early career, meet people who knew him and, of course, visit the Adelaide workshop where his famous leather boots are made today the way they always have been, by hand.

This amazing trip offers guests a rare opportunity to explore the legend of RM Williams by visiting several magnificent Outback destinations, such as the Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre, enjoying traditional country hospitality and eating delicious regional cuisine. Guests travel in ultimate luxury aboard a Swiss-built Pilatus PC12 aircraft, with numbers strictly limited to no more than 8 guests, and experts private guiding all provided as part of the memorable experience.

In RM’s Footsteps begins in Adelaide, where guests will visit the factory and workshop where RM launched his empire. After a private tour of the workshop, factory and museum, you will be fitted with a complimentary pair of legendary Craftsman boots, which will be fully customised and ready for pick up by the end of the 4-day adventure.

Next, a scenic flight over the iconic Flinders Ranges, accommodation at the iconic Prairie Hotel, morning tea at Angorichina Station and then visit Parachilna Gorge. In the afternoon guests travel through the stunning Brachina Gorge, a great place to see many native wildlife species, such as Wedge Tail Eagles and the rare Yellow Footed Wallaby.

On day three, guests will fly over Lake Eyre, a vast saltpan covering 9,500 square kilometres, and a bucket list experience for many. A cold beer and a country lunch at the legendary outback Innamincka pub and an escorted cruise down the Cooper Creek finish off the authentic country experience.

The final day of this extraordinary journey involves a visit to the historic Nilpena Station, a tour of the nearby red desert dunes and a rare visit to the heritage listed Ediacara fossils made famous by the likes of Sir David Attenborough. Private aircraft transfers to Adelaide complete this truly unique, luxurious experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to live a few days like the great R.M.Williams. Find out how to enter for your chance to win the trip of a lifetime!

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