Gardener Commando boot
Key features:

Key Features

Gardener Commando boot

Handcrafted in Australia

Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople at our iconic Adelaide workshop, this boot was made using one piece of leather with over 80 time-honoured techniques and processes.

Full storm welt

Crafted for ultimate protection from the elements, the full storm welt is expertly sealed to the upper and sole, offering durability and water resistance for future adventures.

Itshide commando sole

With a rich military heritage dating back to the 1930s, the Itshide commando sole features a distinctive treaded pattern that provides increased grip and shock absorption.

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"The Gardener Commando takes our iconic boot line-up to new levels of ruggedness with its Horween Chromexcel leather upper and Itshide Commando sole. It's a boot with true grit, representative of an Australian spirit of perseverance."

Amy Barnes, Head of Footwear, Accessories & Lifestyle Design 

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