Stockmans Buckle Boot
Stockmans Buckle Boot
Stockmans Buckle Boot



Spirit of the Stockman
Burnishing brings new life to an R.M.Williams classic.

Story by Terri Cowley


The R.M.Williams historic Stockman’s Buckle Boot has been reborn in the brand’s Autumn-Winter ’17 collection with a new contemporary burnished finish. And one man who is happy to see the boots revamped for a new market is Terry Goodear, who oversees the company’s horse teams and manages the travelling prime-mover store, the Longhorn Express.

“I wear the Stockman’s Buckle Boot and have done since I was about 15,” Terry said. “They are my favourite boots because they are so comfortable. It is not tight around the ankle with an elastic and it is very easy to put on and off. You can adjust the strap at the top like a belt.”

The boots – originally designed as a riding boot – work well with Terry’s passion for horses and riding. The smooth heavier leather at the front ensure nothing interferes with stirrups and the Cuban heel at the back means a rider is unlikely to get hung up on a stirrup. “It is the ideal boot to ride in,” Terry said. “The burnished effect means it has a bit of class about it.”

Our Burnished Stockmans Buckle Boot
The Stockman's Buckle Boot

Terry is a premier horseman who headed the Carlton and United Breweries Clydesdale teams for 26 years. He still shows Clydesdales, on behalf of R.M.Williams, and also owns a Waler and an Australian Stockhorse at his property in Queensland.

The Stockman boots are crafted from premium leather with full kid lining, and are hand-finished to create the burnished effect. Featuring adjustable buckle straps, bellowes tongue, chisel toe, flat heel and leather sole and insole, the boots are available in the new season shades of Cognac or Bordeaux.

Terry is very keen to see the Stockman boot embraced by a younger audience. “I’m really interested to see what the uptake will be,” Terry said. “We have taken a traditional style and brought it to the fore with burnishing, which will bring it into today’s R.M.Williams.”

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